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Paul Tschirgi Tschirgi Games (admin) Studied Animation and Interactive Media at University of Maryland Baltimore County Member from Oct 8, 2013 Membership history : Tschirgi Games in StudentGDC 2013 , 17-18 October Tschirgi Games in StudentGDC 2014 , 20-21 November
About me:I make 3d assets and also do Scripting. For my project Martian Surrender. I started when I woke up 10:00AM Thursday 17th, (6 hours after it started) and built every single asset from scratch. (dragon, main guy, bone structures, animations, textures all from nothing) Then put together a touch system for a scroll sideways game.

I have been working in 3d for 8 years. Which as a junior in college (20 years old) is definitely a significant chunk of my life. This is how I was able to produce ever