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Martian Surrender Touch Interfaces by Tschirgi Games Platforms: iPad iPhone Android About game:Martian Surrender seeks a humorous take on the runaway-scroller.
Set on Mars (inspired by Theme) the main character wants nothing but a peaceful surrender. The dragon is more keen on lunch however and proceeds to chase the player down!
The Player must figure out through trial and error how to use 3 swipe gestures (Up, Left, and Right) to out maneuver a Dragon and claim victory. It IS possible to win, but it takes very much skill.

Swiping Up involves a jumping motion which allows the player to avoid dangerous fire-breath that will overtime slow the player and make for more difficult victory. Swiping Left involves a twirling maneuver that can be used for an offensive counter-attack. And Swiping right is a Dash forward that can give some much needed space from the Monster.

Currently Only Involves the Iphone/IPad Version. Android Coming Soon.
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1.35 | 17 Rates
Idea and game design : 40 /100
Graphic and music : 70 /100
Technical : 50 /100

1 Referee reviews

  • Gorm Lai 11/26/2013 10:56:40 PM

    Interesting endless runner, with a lot of potential


  • Mohammad Molla Mohammad 10/21/2013 12:42:24 AM

    Very Nice Game.

    Good Luck.

    My vote: 5/5

    • Paul Tschirgi 10/22/2013 5:24:28 AM

      Thanks, I appreciate it so much. Low ratings can be tough, but I guess that's competition!

  • Hamza Trabelsi 10/22/2013 8:25:27 PM

    i'm your enemy in the competition LOL , we both worked on touch interface , and bro you made a good game ^^

  • Paul Tschirgi 11/27/2013 3:46:47 AM

    Thanks, yeah it was very difficult/cram to build everything from scratch in 24 hour and make the game myself, especially with hand-painting all the models.