• A submission must be made by date through the website
  • All team members must be named (real names only)
  • A person can only be in one team
  • A submission must be made in only one competition category
  • By submitting to this competition, you give the organizers the right to play and distribute the game to competition personnel for the purpose of evaluating
Category Statement on qualification
PC (Windows / Macintosh / Linux) game must be made for the desktop PC or laptop experience, functioning under the Windows / OSX or Linux operating system
Touch Interfaces The game must function on an interface that is primarily touch based (iPad / iPhone / Android or Windows phone, etc.)
Web The game is primarily designed to run in a web browser
Other (Consoles, etc.) Vita / PSD / Nintendo 3ds / OUYA / etc.

According to the laws of the Islamic republic
We reserve the right to dismiss games with inappropriate or illegal content

It is noteworthy that this game is solely for students and every member of the teams must be students, so their work is processed to the main competition and are approved for the prize. In case of violation of terms the team will be omitted from the competition.

A non-student section part has also been designed; but no prize is given and only commendation plates are handed out.