24 hours student game competition open for registration

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IRANIAN GAME ASSOCIATION AND THE UNIVERSITY OF MAZANDARAN invite international student game designers to take part in the inaugural Global Student Game Developer Competition.

24 hours student game competition open for registration

The Global Student Game Developer Competition is a themed 24-hour game development event open to any student at a college or University. The competition will start on October 17, 2013 (8 AM GMT) as soon as the theme picture appears on the competition website (http://studentgdc.com).

Each competitor must design a computer game inspired by the ideas in the theme picture. The competitor must upload the game on to the website. The deadline for the competition is 24 hours. Then the review process will be started to select the best game for the prizes. The winners will be revealed 17 November.


  • Each submission must be uploaded on time through the competition website
  • All team members must be named (real names)
  • Each person can only be present in one team
  • Each submission must be made in only one competition category
  • By submitting to this competition, each competitor gives the organizers the right to play and distribute the game to competition personnel for the purpose of evaluating it.


There are four divisions in this competition. Each game must belong to one of the following categories.


Statement on qualification

PC (Windows / Macintosh / Linux)

game must be made for the desktop PC or laptop experience, functioning under the Windows / OSX or Linux operating system

Touch Interfaces

The game must function on an interface that is primarily touch based (iPad / iPhone / Android or Windows phone, etc.)


The game is primarily designed to run in a web browser

Other (Consoles, etc.)

Vita / PSD / Nintendo 3ds / OUYA / etc.

It is noteworthy that this game competition is solely for students and every member of the team must be a student, so their work is processed to the main competition and are approved for the prize. In case of violation of terms, the team will be disqualified from the competition.

Also please note that a non-student section part has been designed in which no prize is given and only commendation plates are handed out.

Prizes and the Awards ceremony


First place

Second place

Third place



USD $2000.00

USD $1500.00

USD $1000.00

certificate only


USD $2000.00

USD $1500.00

USD $1000.00

certificate only


USD $2000.00

USD $1500.00

USD $1000.00

certificate only


USD $2000.00

USD $1500.00

USD $1000.00

certificate only


In addition, special prizes may be awarded at the jury’s discretion.

The competition closing ceremony will be held in Iran, on 5 March 2014. We anticipate financial asstance to be available for winning teams who wish to attend in person. 


Important Dates

Competition begins: October 17, 2013 at 8 AM GMT

Winners announced on competition website: 17 November 2013

Closing ceremonies in Tehran: March 5, 2014


Program Committee


Founder & Secretary:

Hamzeh Azad

Policy Council:
Hamzeh Azad, Dr.Foaad Khosmood, Gorm Lai



Judging Panel

Foaad Khosmood

Gorm Lai

Dr.Mohammad Hossein Rezvani

Mehrded Ashtiani

Farzam Molkara

Farhoud Farmand

, …


Visit clip of competition: http://youtu.be/crbzkj7tQi0

* The organizers reserve the right to dismiss games with inappropriate or illegal content in accordance with the laws of the Islamic republic of Iran.



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    I am not a current student anymore, but I signed up anyway. In my profile I said I am a non student. Is there anything else a non student must do in order to enter the contest? I didn't see a separate sign up for non students so I assume as long as we just let it be known that we aren't students then we are fine?

    • Hamzeh Azad 10/17/2013 6:37:30 AM

      The following categories are judged will be. No Problem